The Quality of the Sports

Professional sports just as the names suggest are games in which the players earn a salary or a form of payment for their engagement. The payment for athletes in professional sports has a major topic for discussion owing to a large amount of money the athletes receive as payments. Professional athletes spend most of their time training and often expose their bodies to immense risks as they engage in sports. They do so to entertain as they play in the fields and pitches. For such difficulties and the risks they often undertake, the clubs and sports federations often pay the athletes large sums of money a feature that makes the salaries a contentious issue in the entertainment industry to date. Despite the numerous arguments and justifications that clubs and federation give for paying the athletes the sums they do, the fact is that professional athletes are overpaid and should, therefore, earn less than they currently do in the future as the discussion below portrays.
Professional athletes are entertainers just like any other. They entertain their spectators when they play their respective sports in the tracks and in the different pitches. In doing this, the athletes earn a ridiculously high amount of money. A number of professional athletes make as much as one hundred million a year simply for playing golf, boxing or even running 42-kilometer&nbsp.marathons. While the athletes work hard in order to excel in sports and often strain their bodies, their salaries are often ludicrously high. David Beckham, one of the highest-paid soccer players, signed a $ 250 Million contract to play for a five year period. Others like Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather among numerous other marathon runners have earned millions of dollars for playing in single tournaments.