The President Wants You to Organize

Topic – Article critique What is the article about ? The article “The President wants you to organize “by Y. H. Woking is all about the deprived and exploited life of labor class. The article is about the ignorance of the industrialist with regard to life and status of coal mine workers. The article explains the way in which coal miners and their family suffered in downtrodden areas of America. The article explains the terms of the payment of wages to the coal miners and the inferior places they lived in. Here the real life of coal miners is portrayed and readers get a real picture of their underprivileged life. The article also depicts the upcoming of Lewis , the future leader of the labor party with a unique and powerful personality .Here the caption “ The President wants you to organize “ relates to the slogan spread by Lewis to his fellow workers working in coal mines in an attempt to work out their freedom. It conveys the message that ,the president wants to see a union of labor of coal miners across the country.
2. What is the author trying to say or argue?
Here the author is trying to say or argue that rich and powerful will always try to subordinate or exploit the poor and helpless. Here the indication is on the coal miners who are working in the unfavorable conditions with a meager wages and inferior facilities. Here the emphasis is on the President’s demand for unity among workers to gain power and freedom in their profession. Here the author is saying that the president wants to see unity among coal miners so that they can get facilities. The author is arguing
about the truce between the industrialist and the labor class. The author is saying the in order for the laborers to bargain or demand. they should form a legal union .Labor’s right and freedom is the main content of this chapter and the call for unity is originating from the President. Along the chapter the author is projecting the fight of labor class for better wages and living circumstances against all odds.
3. What are your views on the topic or subject of the article you have chosen to read and write about?
Here the chapter starts with the Presidents call for all skilled and unskilled workers to unite in an attempt to demand their human rights and freedom. Here the chapter explains the negativism in the life of coal mining labors and their struggle to earn decent wages and comfortable living situations. Unfortunately, all the authority lies under the strong and cruel hands of the industrialist. Here, Lewis is one personality who comes up front to assist the coal miners in formulating a labor union where in they can bargain for their human rights. The chapter explains about the will power and motivation of Lewis in establishing a labor union across the mining region to support the freedom and labor rights of coal miners. I view this chapter to be more provoking in understanding the struggle of labor class during 19th century.