The Police in America

The tradition policing of the United States was both communal (watch system) and informal. Dempsey and Forst assert that the law and criminal justice system of the United States originated from the English. Therefore, much work of this book concentrates on the experience of the English police. According to the content of this part, one of the main aims of establishing the police sector was to organize security in America. One of the core founders of American police department was Sir Robert Peel. The first police department in America was established in the year 1829 purposely to ensure security in the country. Sir Robert Peel is referred to as the father of modern policing in this book.
Part two of this book discusses the personal side of policing. Due to the current law enforcement, the police officers carry out many responsibilities that put them in stressful situations, forcing them to address some tough decisions. The working environments in which police officers operate in highly determines how severe these challenges affect their wellbeing as well as policing duties. Every American police officer is given the right to judge any situation. This judgment determines whether a suspect should be arrested, cited, or warned. All the situational factors should be investigated when this discretion is used.
Such factors include the significance of the crime, suspect’s attitude, preference, and position of the suspect among many others. Police officers are likely to have a common goal when ridding their crimes. Although this objective resides within the community residents’ wishes, there happens to be always a negative aspect for police officers. Some actions of police officers in America seem to be rude, abusive, as well as racist. This “bad fact” makes most people to have little trust with their law enforcement institutions. This has also resulted in lost corporation between citizens and law enforcement officers.