The Moment of the Truth in the USA

&nbsp.If the relevant painful and hard decisions are not made, therefore, right from the leadership body, the upcoming generation may suffer poverty nationwide. This urgency is clearly indicated by the fact that debts have been created almost worldwide, as they began from Greece and are rapidly spreading to Europe. This is why agony is predicted to befall the future inhabitants of America. Therefore, politicians fail to acknowledge the failure is one of the reasons behind the debt crisis.
The other reason as to why the United States is facing a debt crisis includes the fact that the government has increased its spending habits rapidly. The salaries for civil workers have been unnecessarily raised with incomplete projects still waiting, therefore raising the level of the government spending habits while the revenue is not changing. This leads to borrowing financial support across the world which is in turn offered in terms of debts. This leads to an economy that has a character of deficit in it. A huge gap, in the contemporary America, exists between the government’s revenue and the expenses required. Irresponsible financial policies have also contributed to the bringing up of this situation. Money has been released for projects without keen evaluation and investigations making a lot of money fall in the hands of some greedy individuals who happen to hog it all to themselves. This is a major problem that needs attention from the government’s fiscal offices. When money is lost in such a way, there are no profits or interests in return, making a huge drop in government revenue. This drop is what brings about the inadequacy of funds to carry out certain projects, then, the country goes ahead to borrow additional loans. Even after&nbsp.the acquisition of the loans, the projects put up end up in the hands of the same grabbers who mismanage the funds and take away profits generated by the projects.&nbsp.