The Military Draft Should Not Be Reinstated

The draft ensured that these young men were enlisted in the military force. It was compulsory the young men be in the military as the few in the military and the volunteers could not sum up to a number that would ensure the country’s safety. Refusal of anyone to be inducted to the military would lead to severe consequences, like lack of jobs and funds for college. This way, most young people joined the military, trained and when wars came up, they went out to fight for their nation. Thus, the government ensured that they had a strong enough military for wars like the world war.
The military draft today should not be upheld. It is a draft that was used a long time ago for reasons that were important to the state. However, today, retaining the military draft would lead to more negative effects than positive ones. The government has discussed the draft a few times in Congress. Coming back to the draft would lead to losses like jeopardizing the futures of most young people. wars are less today and more funds would be used to ensure that the ones, who enrolled, were maintained. These are but a few reasons that would make the draft a heavy task.
First, it is important to note that the military draft was helpful back then due to the reoccurrence of wars and because the military had few people. However, the military today has had quite a success. So many people have volunteered to join the military as an occupation. The number of people in the military force is not little. This is one of the reasons why upholding the draft would not be necessary (Scherer 2). The military has enough people who are experienced and well trained and are ready to fight for the country in case of anything. The force already fully represents the nation well, thus retrying the draft would not be important.
Secondly, the draft would require the government to spend so much, which is unnecessary.&nbsp.