The Memorable Day of Community Service

My job was to do a routine health check on each individual and record vital signs, such as body weight and blood pressure, for future reference. I covered about thirty homeless people during the day.
That day was a learning experience without parallel. In addition to acquiring basic recording skills and medical inputs, I learned a lot about the lives and difficulties of homeless people. But, to my great surprise, I learned even more about myself! I discovered that in addition to always have been a good listener and a patient, persevering worker, I had a hidden core of compassion, and an innate desire to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than myself. Contrary to my expectations, I was not the least afraid to meet and talk to homeless people, some of who were rather coarse and rough in their attitude.
That memorable day of Community Service has been the turning point in my choice of career path. It has made me determined to become a health professional. I believe that skilled medical care is the one factor which will alleviate the suffering of people and better the standard of their lives. I am deeply grateful for that one day in Eastside New York!