The Marketing Era

102500 People factor has been at the core essence of any organization mainly due to the fact that it is the ultimate resource that brings about the completion of work and duties. Product marketing is true of paramount importance when the comparison is drawn between the two but it is service marketing that takes the lead over its product counterpart due to a host of reasons, all of which are mentioned below. (Lazer, 1971) Marketing is selling a product before it has actually entered the market. By market, we mean those sets of people or target audiences who will be catered to this product so that they could satisfy one or more of their respective needs. With these, we fathom that marketing aims not only to sell the product before it is even produced at the manufacturer’s end but also to make sure that there are repeated purchases on the part of the customer who is a part of the target audience so to speak. Marketing, in essence, is a game plan for the strategic and tactical basis of the products that are sold through the help and facilitation of distribution channels, word of mouth. The strengths and the weaknesses are usually internal to the organizational philosophy and look to solve the intrinsic issues which this product might have. On the other hand, opportunities and threats are external – mostly coming from the outer reigns of the organization thus impacting the related product.