The Lyrics About Artist’s Difficulty in the Song

The song mentioned how the artist’s mother had a succession of men to fill up the role as her husband, as well as father to the kids. None of them had ever become solutions to plight of the family. It is obvious in the song that the artist disliked how his mother took other men whose characters were only as bad as that of their irresponsible father. Despite this, the artist still managed to show his appreciation for the maternal love and concern he received even if he was beginning to be a major problem for his mother. The lines that said how he felt when his mother gave him a hug from a jail cell aptly depict this.
It is not clear in the song if the artist’s father left the family before he died. However, whether he was actually present the whole time until he died, the artist considered him a stranger. This means that he was actually an entity whose existence was not appreciated at all by his kids. Because of this, the kids were more attached to their mother, the only person whom they saw carrying out the role of a parent to them.
According to the song, the artist explained his involvement in a gang that was into the illegal drug trade. As part of the song’s second stanza says, he became part of the gang while he was looking for a father that has gone. Besides this, he was in need of money, considering that peddling illegal drugs is the only way he can overcome his poverty. To show his gratitude and love for his mother, he sends money often.
However, even at the end of the song, the lyrics about his difficulty in showing his appreciation to his mother are repeated. Despite the fact that he has already been sending money to her, he still thinks that this was not enough. As he recounts the many sacrifices his mother has made for her two kids, he also illustrated his realization that no matter what he does and no matter how much money his sends, he cannot repay his mother for all that she has done for him.
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