The Jilting of Granny Weatherall

From an analysis of the characters in the book, it is evident that Hapsy is a daughter of Granny Weatherall. In the book, Granny Weatherall is indicated as having four children, and she has never lost any of them except for her last born, Hapsy. This means that Hapsy is dead, and further reading that she died at childbirth. Reading the book alludes that Hapsy died in childbirth, though this is never confirmed by Granny’s flashbacks. This suspicion is from one of Granny’s visions where she sees Hapsy holding a baby,
“… to find Hapsy standing with a baby on her arm. She seemed to herself to be Hapsy also, and the baby on Hapsy’s arm was Hapsy and himself and herself…” (Porter 4)
The book also indicates that Hapsy is Granny’s favorite child, since she has a lot of flashbacks about her. In the 60 years that Granny has lived, she wishes to see her husband, John, and Hapsy, who she dreams of speaking with. Granny Weatherall keeps confusing people with Hapsy, and at times, she has conversations with an imaginary Hapsy. This indicates that Hapsy is her favorite child. Granny also visualizes the many things that Hapsy tells her in heaven, which is also an indication of the love that she holds for Hapsy. From all her five children, including the dead Hapsy, Granny seems to favor the dead Hapsy over all the others. She keeps imagining talking to Hapsy and telling her all the things, that she did not have a chance to tell her in real life.
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