The Jilting of Granny Weatherall by Katherine Anne Porter

As the story progresses we find Granny telling herself that her life with John was happy and good that she has fully forgotten George. Her fixation on George reveals that she could not forget him completely. However, she refused to accept this fact. Granny never recognizes that she mistreats Cornelia. She also never agrees that she regrets over certain things of her life. Granny did not admit that her confusion and troubles are the results of her illness and the people with her were not responsible for it. Granny’s nature of denying the reality was her frailty as well as a necessity. She never attains self-knowledge. Till her death she never understands herself. She was ignorant of herself. She doesn’t know how she lived her life. Granny’s character of denial brought troubles to everyone around her. Her children must have many troubles from her. Granny refuses to accept that she had been so hard on her children. They could never hear any apology from her. Granny never acknowledged her failure. However, this attitude of Granny was helpful for her. Her hard-hearted nature and refusal to accept realities made her continue her life. She lived her life fully, bringing up healthy children. Her attitude even saved the life of sick ones and animals. Granny was not a narrow-minded person by nature. If she had attempted a self-analysis she would have fallen into despair. She rather refused the fact that she is in persistent pain. She never accepted that she is permanently broken-hearted. Her nature of denying facts helped her continue her life. Yet another major theme in the short story is self-pity. Because of the jilting, Granny suffered on her wedding day, she felt sorry for herself, throughout her life. The bitter experience made her suspicious of everybody. At the beginning of the story, we find the doctor talking to Cornelia. Granny was irritated by that and wanted them to go away. Granny thought that both of them were speaking about her.
In the short story, we often find the fear of wasting food. Granny’s fear of wasting food indicates her fear of wasting life. We find her constantly&nbsp.advising somebody that fruits should not be wasted and it should be fully picked.&nbsp.