The Issues of Education and Family in The Color of Water by James McBride

The memoir is written to his mother and seeks to show his tribute to her and his appreciation. Going through the themes brought out in the book is very important for it offers the reader an idea of the various issues surrounding society. Some of the outspoken themes to focus on are education and family.
Education is one of the issues that has existed in modern society for a very long time. In the memoir, the theme of education is expressed where James McBride, the author, reviews the kind of education he received. James’ mother did not grow up with Jewish traditions. However, she was always intent on ensuring that her children received a quality education. She always insisted that education was important in everybody’s life. She further told her children that money without education was useless. She told them this to ensure that they followed in the right step and not think that if they would get money, they would not need a good education.
It is common that people who pay attention or rather who study a lot do not get time to familiarize themselves with “street education”. This is another form of education that not gained by attending classes or learning from someone. Rather than this, a person gains “street education” from talking to people in different areas and gaining general knowledge. James got this education by going to Louisville where he spent time during summers. During his time in Louisville, he frequented a place at the corner of a street where there was a chicken man that offered him advice on a regular basis. This chicken Man was a very noble person that did not have any complications as compared to many people that hold their businesses along streets. On the contrary, actually, this person was very informed and offered young James advice with the hopes of changing his perception regarding the streets James initially had the idea that street life or rather street businesses were a “cool” thing to do.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.