The Issue of Discrimination Against Sensory Disabled People

Certainly, there are some things and situations that cannot be controlled and managed by a disable naturally disable person, as they have their own particular needs according to their disability which cannot be a need of the normal citizens.
The discrimination is clearly visible in the picture above. A blind person is having difficulty in crossing the road. He is discriminated from the other normal people who can wisely cross the road. the blind man crossing the road alone is a sign of bravery and his this act is also showing that he is a part of the normal society of Canada, but, still it is quite dangerous and he can be the victim of a terrible accident, unlike the normal people who are able to see the vehicles on the road before crossing it.
A solution to this problem can be the awareness among people that they should take care of disabled people and help any blind man crossing the road alone. The drivers should also be careful and not drive too fast. If the car and bike drivers drive fast and an unexpected blind man is seen crossing the road, the vehicle will not be able to bear the prompt break by the driver and can slip and slide over the snowy slippery road and cause a dreadful accident. Hence, such precautionary measures and care should be taken to avoid any harm to the disabled people, and encourage them to be a part of the normal Canadian society.&nbsp.