The informal analytical report you will write this week will be organized as a PDR or Problem Discussion


The informal analytical report you will write this week will be organized as a PDR, or Problem, Discussion,

Resolution report. Write this informal analytical report as a memo addressed to your division manager, formatting it to include the following sections (identified with headings):

  • Begin the informal analytical report with a sentence or two that introduces the general purpose of the report.
  • Problem: State the problem succinctly in a sentence or two, so that anyone reading this memo will understand the purpose of the memo.
  • Discussion of Options: In three or four paragraphs, discuss the different options you have considered. Explain their relative strengths and/or weaknesses.
  • Research: You are required to use at least two sources to support your recommendations. Part of your recommendations should include how an American company should address the Indonesian public. What are some cuural considerations (please refer to chapter 3 in your textbook for international communications) the company should keep in mind?
  • Resolution: Explain what you recommend to address the problem. What does the reader need to do to make this happen? Is there a timeline for implementing this solution?
  • Conclusion:Thank the reader for giving you the opportunity to address the problem.

A successful informal analytical memo will:

Running Head: TMGT 599 PROJECT Aernative Sources of Water: North Texas
Student’s Name
Institution TMGT 599 PROJECT 2 1. Problem
Water shortage in Texas is no longer a subject that can be wished…