The Inclusion Philosophy of Education

Fact that every country has undertaken massive efforts in strengthening education and International organizations such as the UNICEF &amp. UNESCO to name just these two have embarked on various programs of education development and interconnected activities for children all around the world.
According to (Knight B. A) “Inclusion is a concept which views children with disabilities as true full-time participants and members of their neighborhood schools and communities.” He goes further to state that “The inclusion philosophy proposes that there may not be a range of placements but that rather that all students be educated with their peers in the same physical location.” (Knight. B. A) In today’s environment
fortunately, a large percentage of children are in the normal category, but however, there is a percentage of children with special needs and governments the world over have begun to see the need to create an environment where “Full participation” is achieved., by this, it merely means, that steps are now being taken to help motivate and encourage “special” children into mainstream schools.
It is rather a very shocking to know that the largest minority group consists of “people with disabilities.” (Kathie Snow) Therefore, the need of the hour is in finding the necessary solutions in dealing with different disabilities. It should be realized here, that while it is one thing to declare, that efforts towards reaching this goal be taken up, it is another thing to achieve these goals as it throws up socio-economic factors in which ability, gender, language, family status, colour, ethnic origin, and religion all play important roles.
The fact that every child has a “right” to mainstream education, may take a back seat in today’s society where dog eats dog is the buzz word, it becomes all the more inevitable that an action plan has to be drawn in its favor.