The Importance Of CultureBased Education

A culture based education is necessary to make education relevant to an individual’s totality as a person.&nbsp.Education must complete a person which meant that a student must not only learn knowledge and skills but also his or her culture.
I can personally relate to this topic. My education must enhance the positive of qualities of my being and that calls for a culture-based education. I can state a concrete example of this. For example, it would be awkward for a person to be a better verse to a culture that is not his or hers and then totally ignorant of his own culture. In my case, it is like not knowing the works of Abdul Rahman Munif, one of my culture’s literary luminaries and then very much familiar with the work of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno where the prophet of the faith I believe in was slighted as He was depicted as false.

Having said this, education must make a person complete and being complete means knowing not only knowledge and skills but also the soul of my being which is my culture.