The impact of cultural differences on the hierarchy of a hotel

Customers would think that quality service is being delivered to them if the employees can understand them better. Whether it is food, services, employee policies etc, the global requirements need to be considered in all operations.
While cultural diversity and incorporating the trends of globalization is indispensable for the hotel industry, various cultural conflicts occur as a result of this cultural diversity. These misunderstandings are of various types and due to various reasons. Every culture has a different set of beliefs and norms and when people of different cultures come together and work, differences are bound to arise. These differences become more challenging in an industry where customers to be dealt with are also from different cultures and have different demands. While various inter-cultural challenges are faced, one such issue is the impact of cultural differences on the hierarchy of a hotel. People from poorer countries usually have lower positions and from the developed have higher positions. This creates a barrier amongst the higher and lower level employees and creates many problems regarding cultural differences as what one may think is right as part of their culture, the other might not.
This study aims to determine the impact of cultural differences on the hierarchy of a hotel. The findings of this study would be very helpful in determining how the barrier between high and low-level employees can be reduced in the light of cultural differences. Cultural diversity if managed properly can help to increase organizational performance (Kemp &amp. Dwyer, 2001). There are various levels in an organization where culture has an influence and where a higher degree of cultural awareness is essential (Roper &amp. Brookes, 1997). This study would hence facilitate in understanding how this diversity can be managed in a batter way to become a pro rather than a con for a hotel. Finally, it would also aid in giving better understanding to hotel managements