The History of Crime in North Kentucky

“Arrest inspired Newport to end ‘Sin reputation.” Accessed 8Th April 2014. &lt.
The source gives an account of Ratterman being a victim of the “Sin City’s” daily ongoings during his time, which is a secondary source. In this study, it will serve the purpose of narrating one of the examples of the 1960s that involved pioneers who embraced the mandate of changing the city’s reputation. I am not agreeing to the circumstances that surrounded Ratterman claiming to have been drugged and found himself in such a compromising situation with a dancer. Reason for declining the version Ratterman’s account is due to the then period’s involvement of government officials into funding and strategically backing varied organized crimes.
Barker, Thomas, Gary W. Potter &amp. Jenna Meglen. 2008. Wicked Newport: Kentucky’s sin city. Charleston, SC: History Press.
I am strongly convinced based on the content of this source it will be helpful in my paper. This is because I will use it to elaborate on how the government played a significant role in enhancing crime and crime’s role in the development of Kentucky’s history led by a corrupt government. I do agree with this primary source due to its relevance information that is also evident in other similar sources more the image source, which depicts utter pretence and effort by securities in curbing organized crime.
Lindorff, Jim., Klein, Roy &amp. Trapp, Larry. 2012. “When Vice Was King: A History Of Northern Kentucky Gambling 1920-1970.” Accessed 8Th April 2014. &lt. &gt. In this secondary source, authors trace the history of crime in N. Kentucky with much emphasis on bootlegging operation. Hence, being relevant to the field of study that I have chosen whereby I believe the source will be helpful in backing varied historical arguments about justice and crime. This is because it will act as a historical source starting from the 1920s up to 70s, whereby the latter encompasses the scope of the study’s focus. I do concur with the content outlined in this study, which ranges from prostitution, bootlegging operations to other vices that enhanced crime like corruption on the part of government officials. This is especially to those charged with the role of ensuring security.
Messick, Hank. 1995. Razzle Dazzle. New York: AMEREON Limited.
In this primary source, Messick presents a real account about an organized crime whose operations were in N. Kentucky. He outlines its rise, power as well as ouster, hence giving essential information about criminal history and compromised justice that fueled it. This source will be essential in expounding crime activities that occurred during the early 1960s in Kentucky and extending towards 1980s though its narration seems more of fictions than a reality despite agreeing with it.
Morgan, John, L. “Gambling raid in Newport, police booking and thumb printing in a bookie joint.” 1958. In Website. 9Th April 2014.
This is a photo showing booking and thumb printing process by security officials. In this primary source, it exhibits one of the normal acts put in place meant to curb the then heightened crime rates thus acting as a proof of how the situation was. I do think this source will be essential and helpful in trying to prove the then security alertness despite characterized by heightened rates of organized crimes. In addition, I do agree with the photo’s depiction of the then rate of crime though securities in this image seem not taking any chances despite crime being at its peak. Despite these measures, the rate of crime during continued to increase because of rampant corruption.
Royer, Jennifer Baugh. "A Dark Side of Dixie: Illegal Gambling in Northern Kentucky, 1790– 2000." Texas Christian University, 2009, (accessed April 8, 2014).
This dissertation, which acts as a secondary source traces the history of illegal gambling in Kentucky and other accompanying vices like prostitution as well as the corruption that led to the branding of this region a vice center. The source gives a chronological account of how gambling started from a loosely managed vice up to well funded and organized syndicate by even influential people in the government. In comparison with other sources, this secondary reference will aid in backing varied arguments in the study I will be undertaking concerning their origin and organization. Based on the content compiled in this dissertation, I do agree with authors due to its relevance with others besides having adequate details meant to relay information concerning N. Kentucky crime.
Wallace, James. Oral History Interview with George W. Simmons, Jr. &amp. Henry Sanders. Kentucky Historical Society.
This interview outlines varied topics starting from urban destruction of a working-class by the urban renewal process where political influences were playing behind the scenes. The interview also addresses other region’s factors including deplorable housing conditions, race relations, prostitution and African American capacity of education whose compromises led to the then bootlegging, gambling as well as other vices. Hence, the primary source will be essential in highlighting the utter condition of Kentucky of which its information I totally agree with it since its source is from the first hand of those who have resided in the region and witnessed.
Williams, Michael L. "Sin City Kentucky: Newport, Kentuckys Vice Heritage and its Legal Extinction, 1920–1991." University of Louisville, 2008, (accessed April 8, 2014).
In this secondary source, its core focus is on criminal justice thus aligning with the field I have chosen for my study. I agree with the author’s content based on the way he chronicles crime periods in the history of Kentucky to the recent past when the government with the aid of some officials decided to initiate a lasting change.