The History of Bat Mitzvah

They often emphasize what is important e.g. graduation ceremonies show the importance placed on education. In Islam once one reaches puberty one is obliged to carry out prayers according to Sharia law because prayer is one of the pillars of Islam.
Some are quite modern as in the American Jewish Bat Mitzvah which was first enacted in 1922. In my own family, some are related directly to faith beliefs such as the way in which washing is carried out before prayer. Others are indirectly so and are more like folklore, such as eating a particular food to celebrate Eid and making a light-hearted wish. We do not believe that these wishes are likely to come true, but this is a family ritual which helps us to be united in a quickly changing world. Such rituals give stability to a family and to the wider society. Something that doesn’t change in a confusing world. A ritual I would like to develop in our family is family walks after Sunday lunch. Some would see this as a more hobby, but claiming it as a ritual means it is more likely to be carried out and the family would be regularly sharing in an enjoyable activity.
America is a very young and mixed society and partaking in a family or other ritual, one that has perhaps persisted for many generations, reminds people of their origins and distinctive background.