The Historical Status of the Vietnam and Afghanistan Wars

The Vietnam War is far much beyond the Afghanistan War, the effects of the explosives determine a lot in gauging the country against another. Since the end of Vietnam War, it took long before the world regained standardized health status (Alexievich 12).
The effects of the poisonous explosives that were launched in Vietnam affected the unborn babies who got challenged physically. This was meant to wipe out human races so that the Viet Cong and Tet would expand their territory. This was worse compared to the Afghanistan War that mostly consisted of normal bombs and explosives which only hurts the people in contact with (Marshall 15).
Considering the state of technological advancement, I would like to take into account the situations that innocent civilians and the political leaders underwent during the Vietnam and Afghanistan wars, economically the global economy suffered high rates of inflation that dates till then. The global community should embrace peace to enhance humane understanding and sympathy for the poor civilian population.
Most of the leaders and politicians are the main source of disagreement with the different governments. However, they are able to strategize in order to gain supremacy of property. The long term effects impact the common man and the poor children, youths and women. Both the cases in Vietnam and Afghanistan, the affected individuals require a lot of counseling as this may help the disparate personalities determine their way back (Alexievich 08).
Once the government is through with the war, leaders are awarded heavy positions while the poor continue to starve to their graves which are also sources of income. Being psychic, most of the people who were involved in the wars live to regret their experience and consequent illnesses at the expense of the countries they represented (Noddings 73).&nbsp.&nbsp.