The Geopolitical Stability of China

According to a majority of people, China has enjoyed a wave of tremendous growth over the past decades and has done this without the influence of the rule of law or the rights of property. This success rate puts a question on why other countries found in Euro-America should go ahead and spend millions of dollars in an effort to promote the rule of law and governance. This perception is because not only do the developing countries like China assume the World Bank proposed rule of law, but they also assume the preexisting harms that extract the same legal rules would do. China has faced a lot of blame for not considering and dealing with the legal issues that concern property ownership and conflict resolution. Consequently, this means that any attempt they make towards extracting legal rules or common templates will equally harm other countries that are on the developing course.&nbsp. In the political context, China remains a socialist state, although it’s a state which has endorsed the rule of law and the market economy. Therefore many have the fear that with increased anti-democracy diplomacy, China’s ambitions would be more harmful to the west that is a model to the rest of the world. For example, some have linked the recent Russian authoritarianism tilt to the markets without democracy model that China has imposed on other countries globally (Peerenboom, 2007).
Another legal issue that drives the threat view of China’s modernization is the problem with human rights. China’s record on civil and political rights leaves less to one’s desire. As a result, critics fear China may decide to take advantage of its rapid growth to defend and advocate for those rights. even when opposed by western powers. They also fear that despite the current secular-liberal based rights policies, China will use its power to go against all odds. just to defend its rights.&nbsp. Heavily politicized debates have seen critiques accuse China’s adoption of the divide and conquer strategy that they believe will universally impact negatively on the western nations. leading to an era of civilization crash.