The Formation of the Islamic State

The Formation of the Islamic a. Explain the reasons for ISIS’s destruction of the sculptures you see at the beginning. The Muslims in the of Mosul are destroying the country’s artifacts in one of the museums in the name of radical Islam. The museum has statues that depict images of the Christian faith. The Muslims believe that the Christians are their enemies, thus decided to destroy the artifacts that go up to the 7th century BC (Osobista 2).
b. Describe the roles played by Abu Musab al Zarkawi and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in forming ISIS.
Abu Musab al Zarkawi was one of the militant Islamist, who was the leader of a paramilitary camp in Afghanistan. The camp was a training point for the terrorist who formed the group ISIS. Zarkawi was a terrorist long before the formation of ISIS, and he was responsible for several bombing in the name of religion in the Iraq war. He was the founder and leader of al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad formed in the 1990s (Osobista 17). Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the current leader of ISIS but before that he was an active Muslim cleric and a follower of Saddam Hussein. He preaches radical Islam and is believed to be a Caliph by his supporters. The two men play a role in the formation of ISIS as Zarkawis terrorist groups led to the formation of ISIS as well as the teachings of Baghdadi the leader of ISIS. Baghdadi was the leader of al-Qaeda in 2010 before the formation of ISIS in 2014. The two men were working together in terrorist attacks that later formed ISIS (Osobista 30).
c. How are (were) the two men different in personality?
Baghdadi is a man of few words where one can say he is an introvert. History suggests that he was not a social person and did not have many friends. He is a caliph who spends most of his time in the mosque leading prayers. Baghdadi, unlike Zarkawi, is not a violent person. Zarkawi’s personality, on the other hand, is open right from his leadership of al Qaeda. He was the one leading in the radical teachings of Islam and had a large following (Osobista 15).
d. Explain the circumstances under which the Islamic State was formed.
Some reasons resulted in the formation of ISIS. ISIS mainly rises from the al Qaeda group that was formerly led by Osama bin Laden. The structure of the organization is as a result of the US invasion of Iraq as a revenge attack for the 9/11 attack on the world trade Centre. Al Qaeda was fighting back US invasion and in the process other terrorist groups joined in to form ISIS in 2006 (Osobista 20). The group has since had Baghdadi as its leader, and it is still fighting America and carrying out other terrorist attacks around the world. The US invasion into Iraqi was seen as a wrong move that led to the rise of the group that is now hard to control.
e. Explain the appeal that ISIS has on the teenager depicted in “Why are Canadians Joining the Islamic State?”
ISIS lures teenagers and young people who have not yet found their purpose or their passion on earth. The main reason the teenager joined ISIS is that the teenager found his purpose in the radical group (Vice News 10). The video shows the youth saying that he will fight for Allah and fight for his religion. ISIS is taking advantage of the way children are brought up in the current society. The current society leads to festering the teenagers to join such groups. When someone lacks purpose in life, they lose focus and find their purpose in the wrong places. The teenager does not have the actual knowledge of Islam as a religion, hence easily swayed to be radical.
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