The Ethical Implications and Impact of Prehospital Intubation on Paramedic Profession

Since intubation technique is invasive by nature (Davis, 2008. Waltl et al., 2001. Asai, Wagle, &amp. Stacey, 1999), UK paramedics should focus more on the use of supraglottic airway devices (SADs) like oesophagotracheal combitube (ETC), laryngeal tube (LT), and other kinds of laryngeal masks such as the laryngeal mask airway (LMA) among others – a non-invasive procedure (Berlac et al., 2008).
This study will focus on discussing the ethical principles concerning the impact of JRCALC recommendations on UK paramedic practice. As part of discussing the ethical implications and impact of pre-hospital intubation on the UK paramedic profession, utilitarian and deontological theories will first be compared and contrast. Eventually, the impact of JRCALC’s recommendation over the role of UK paramedics in terms of professional issues, autonomous practice and morale will be thoroughly discussed. As part of the conclusion, a brief recommended solution to prevent demoralizing and disqualifying the role of UK paramedics in terms of attending to emergency cases will be provided.
Deontological and utilitarian ethical theories are similar in the sense that both approaches are used in deciding whether an action is morally acceptable or not. Deontological theories are commonly based the intrinsic character of an action or a universally accepted actions rather than the end result of the action (Isenberg, 1964) whereas utilitarianism is basically a form of ‘consequentialism’ which means that moral actions made by the paramedics should be based on the consequences of their own actions (Thomas, 1998).
Upon analyzing the definition of deontology and utilitarianism, the concept of deontology is totally different from the theory of utilitarianism in the sense that deontology remains to focus on judging an action by purely observing the righteousness or wrongness of an action regardless of whether the end result of the action is good or bad (Nishukan, 2007).&nbsp.&nbsp.