The discrimination against Blacks in the US

41000 A nation, protecting a number of nuclear weapons and blaming other nations on keeping the same makes the whole world to reconsider their nuclear policies. Schwartz (1998), in the work -‘Atomic audit: the costs and consequences of U.S. nuclear weapons since 1940’, makes clear the nuclear policy adopted by the US government resulted in bitter relations with some of its close allies (p.474). One can argue that nothing can be done with nuclear bombs, which was the product of the Cold War with the USSR. But now, the situation is different and it is the responsibility of the United States to change its nuclear policy. For instance, the United States signed the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) but is not yet ready to approve the same. From another angle of view, a code of conduct for the whole world but not applicable to the United States is illegal and immoral. The American policy on nuclear weapons is against world peace because it encourages other nations to follow the same code of conduct. Besides, this may result in large scale production and unsystematic usage of nuclear bombs during wars. So, the United States must take initiative to reduce its collection of nuclear bombs. Then only it can force other nations to reduce the same. As a superpower, it is the responsibility of the United States to change its nuclear policy. So, the US policy on nuclear bombs is morally wrong and a double game. The initiative against Muslim women wearing veils began in Venissieux, France. The mayor of Venissieux, André Gerin put forth a proposal to ban increased usage of veils among Muslim women.