The Discourse on the Legalization of Euthanasia

Opponents of euthanasia believe that there is no such right as “right to be killed”. It is neither humane nor a solution. The medical profession has progressed beyond imagination. it was developed to kill pain, not the patient. Human euthanasia must not be legalized or decriminalized, however, patients of a chronically incurable disease or disability can request euthanasia and each case should be considered individually by a board of experts.
The discourse on the legalization of euthanasia has been trending global affairs in the past couple of years. A question that every concerned human being has sought answer is, whether or not, euthanasia should be allowed or legalized. Euthanasia is called “mercy killing” of the chronically ill or disabled people in an effort to end their pain and suffering of their relatives. In most cases, the entire situation is created because of the depression that comes from exhaustion and pain patients and his relatives go through. There are different perspectives on the pros and cons of euthanasia. Some sympathize with those who go through the pain and want to control it. However, they must consider the bigger picture and widespread consequences of euthanasia laws in any country. During my research and analysis, I came to the conclusion that euthanasia is a slippery slope and it can lead to dangerous consequences. It must not be decriminalized, there can be exceptions, but only a panel of legal and medical experts should decide to opt for euthanasia for a particular patient with his or her relatives’ consent. Benjamin asserts that there should be no provision to put someone out of extreme misery and incurable pain. He further states:
‘Euthanasia—or “mercy killing”—can be practiced by the commission, which is illegal, or by omission, which is not…We shall have to find some legal way to accord to human beings the relief we accord to animals…The present situation is utterly unfair to the individual physician who believes that the relief of suffering is one of his principal duties’.