The Case of Unjustice

It was on Saturday morning when my family was scheduled to leave for the trip to Kenya. My mom approached me with very enticing words meant to lull me to remain behind as she accompanies dad and my brother Tim for the historic visit. I was swift to realize where she was ended and immediately burst into anger, shouting, “no, no, no this cannot happen!” My mother never looked amused behaving as if she had expected the response. Tim and dad could hear me from the living room but they seemed unmoved. I had many questions for them but according to mom’s reaction, it seemed rhetorical questions.
I dashed into the living room leaving my mum in my bedroom, ready to confront dad for the decision. Seeing me from a distance Tim smiled but I never failed to frown my face. Realizing the anger and disappointment in my face, dad was concerned but tried to calm me down. Immediately, mum came to the living room behind me, I was so mad at them that they regretted having made the decision to overlook me for the trip. After confronting them, they decided that it was their opportunity to explain why they had to make the decision. However, their arguments lacked synchrony and they could even contradict each other.
I was left behind as they went for the trip, a time that I took time to console myself and promised myself that I will not expose my own children to such an unjust act. I also took time to forgive them, they were shocked on coming back that they found a jolly child that they had not experienced previously.