The Case for Reparations Article

Article Review: The Case for Reparations The article “the case for reparations” written by Coates and published by The Atlantic magazine revolves around the predicaments of black Americans. The thesis of this article is the racial profiling of the black Americans, bend laws in favor of whites and the trauma the colored Americans underwent. The Mississippi region had many cases of lynching colored Americans, unnecessary arrests, slavery, discriminatory learning, and discrimination against access to resources, among other issues, (p.2, 3, 6). The article was written to expose the trauma experienced by colored Americans to diverse Americans race but the African Americans, in particular. Perhaps, AP published this article to address the American government and other legal authorities to seek justice for the atrocities carried out on the black American race. Overly, the target audience might be the global populace since racial discrimination, slavery, and reparations affect international the society. When reading through this article, a variety of evidences is showed to explain the central themes of the story. However, this paper only focuses on a few indications outlined in the article. For instance, the AP reported that Mississippi involved lynching black populace (p.2) and whoever resisted legal arrangements was gravely injured or killed (p.3). There was the lack of legal protection for the black people (p.5), and land currently developed as a country club in Virginia was forcefully acquired from blacks (p.6). In addition, Ross explains that there was meager support for educating the black race that resided in Mississippi (p.7) and that he failed to receive a legitimate mortgage just because there was no financing for black people (p.18).
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