The aim of this assignment is to develop your planning and analytical skills in the context of a complex project orientated environment (MS project software required)

EVM is one of the widely used techniques by project managers in order to analyse and keep an eye on the status of the project. EVM can be used by the project manager to analyse the project’s progress. There are three important factors that are used in measuring the performance of the project and EVM analyses the performance of the project on these three basis:
So, using EVM a project manager is able to track the performance and make sure whether project is going in the right direction or not and whether the project will be completed within the deadline and within the cost. If the project is right on track then the project manager needs to make sure that same pattern is continued or followed so that it is completed appropriately. If the project is not on the right track, then he needs to analyse the problems and take corrective actions.
The project in this report has been evaluated using EMV and PERT analysis techniques. EMV tool has been used by project managers in order to evaluate the progress of the project on the basis of time, cost and scope or quality. EMV has been an important tool for the project managers in not only analysing and identifying the project progress (Hamilton, 2004) but it is also an important for the project manager in order to evaluate the cost that has already been incurred in the project and thus, the project managers can also evaluate the cost that has already been incurred and the cost that would be incurred even in between the project duration. Before EMV, project managers used to face many problems in analyzing the progress of the projects however the problem has been solved to a great extent with the introduction of EMV.
On the other hand, PERT analysis is the other technique that has been used. The word PERT is the abbreviation of Program Evaluation and Review Technique and this tool