The Abuse of Animal Rights in Regard to Their Use in Testing and Financial Exploitation

Studies suggest that, in the last century or so, almost every medical breakthrough that is relevant to both the animal and human world has had significant contributions from animal research. Such breakthroughs range from antibiotics, chemotherapy, blood transfusions, and organ transplants among others (Jessen). These experiments have contributed significantly to the quality and length of human life by handling some of the most difficult moments in human life known as disease and health conditions and complications. The above is due to the potential use of animal research in treating heart diseases and cancer, where it has contributed by bringing chemotherapy as an option in controlling and getting rid of cancer in humans and some animals. Due to animal testing and research, there are numerous lives saved from pain and loss since the research conducted provides an avenue to clear any anguish caused by disease.

In addition, research on animals allows humans to come up with new vaccines or means of preventing diseases and some conditions that cannot be handled through any other means. This is especially so for the military, where animal research allows them to protect themselves from infection with malaria, Japanese encephalitis and Ross River fever (McGregor). The use of animal research, therefore, implies that without animal research, it would be virtually impossible to beat the spread of some of these diseases or even receive treatment for them.

In addition to health, animal research has allowed humans to wipe out some of the sufferings that humans face across the world. This is following the use of animals in experiments, where humans are not used to finding cures for painful diseases and conditions such as arthritis. This ensures that humans do not have to go through the same pain when suffering from the condition.