The 10K Lathe DeEnergization

The operator should turn the power off at the main breaker and lock breaker panel. Key to the lock(s) should be in sole possession of the authorized employee.
After making ascertaining that no persons are exposed, push buttons or any other operating controls to confirm that all energy sources have been completely disconnected and that the machine is never operating.
After the test, ensure that all controls are returned on to their neutral positions, after which, the machine will be locked out (Curtis and Peter 34).
b. Re- Energization
When the servicing work is completed, the 10K lathe should be activated after checking out to ensure no one is exposed to any danger within the area of the machine.
All lockout/ tag-out devices should be removed once every tool has been taken off from the machine. The guards should have been reinstalled and the employees well informed.
Finally, test the machine’s operation by jogging it through a simple operation process. If it works out well, then resume the operational responsibilities of the machine undoubtedly.
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