Telecom Eireann

Telecom Eireann Question GIS development and implementation took longer because of participation from numerous stakeholders, whichnecessitate input from all stakeholders. Introduction of new information technology system further delayed the process, for it takes a considerable amount of time to transit from one system to another. It is evident that users and developers were willing to contribute to the process, but they needed to participate in each of all business processes involved.
Information need is the chief factor in this project, as it is stated that the most knowledgeable and proficient project manager had to be secured. Involvement of labour union in all aspects of the process exemplifies that decision making was consultative. Participation of diverse and competing stakeholders with dissimilar needs must have been challenging to the management team.
Therefore, it is correct to state that relationship between users and developers must have been complex, and it only delayed the implementation stage of the project. Complexity of information delivery and decision making was the chief catalyst in developing and implementing the project.
Question 2
Change capability is usually necessary for any organization that has perpetual life. For efficient implementation of the new system, all stakeholders needed to respond in one consistent voice. Management team ought to have carried out organizational analysis and planning research under the proposed system, and strived to understand to the range of human emotions during proposal period, such that they would have been in a better position to respond to resistance during implementation stage.
Executives support should have been executed from the planning stages of the system, and success and failure of the proposed system carried out in advance. Earlier assessment would have provided the leadership team with guidance before they embarked upon their desired new system.
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