Swifts A Modest Proposal The Surprise Ending

The succeeding discourse thereby presented arguments that justified the veracity of the author’s contentions. including presenting advantages, the cost of a child (if sold in the market), the supply and demand factors, as well as any potential contrasting assertion or bias of the author to the proposal.

Through well-structured logical arguments, including presentation of computations for the expected weight of a healthy child, the cost that a child could be sold, the relief that the selling could do to the poor parents, the benefits that the sale could allegedly provide to a greater number of people for the greater good, assisted in enhancing and accepting the validity of the surprise ending. Likewise, the author emphasized that the proposal would not, in any way, generate bias through potential self-interests. but in fact, was open to other alternative options. Overall, the surprise ending was indeed unexpected and one surmised that the proposal was not at all imaginable. nor morally, ethically and legally conceivable in the first place.