Strategies Of Teaching In Indian Higher Education

The scarcity in terms of infrastructure, education standards and some vital factors has instigated the door to be unlatched for the foreign universities. The Cardiff University (UK) in particular has been considered as the frame of reference in view of the spectacular learning ambiance. Cardiff University is not only known for the outstanding ranking in the UK but also for the global reputation in the research field and teaching. Having vast experience in the Cardiff University, it is really a wonderful opportunity on my part to deliver some worth mentioning narration of the education on the steadfast role. MBA by far is the most intriguing and lucrative post graduation course in recent years. It would really be an injustice to compare it with the other academic and professional course. The popularity that it has gained is enormous but definitely not valueless as it strives to blend just the right mix of the professional attitude in the future to be managers. MBA course tends to converge towards the professional atmosphere after the studies by enforcing the practical implementation of theoretical knowledge. It integrates the essence of the Cardiff Business School in Vidya Vikas University to reinforce a very strong global foundation for the business school in Indian territory.
Part One starts with the evolution of the education system in India. This basically gives a brief history of Indian education system gradually transcending to the higher education system. Then the dissertation deals with the evolution of the global context with special reference to the US and UK education scenario, as the Church played a critical role in the development of education abroad.