Statistics for Management and Economics

There are three basic features that should be present in any theoretical framework. Discuss whether Jesse has included these.
• Creation of an inventory of variables relevant to the study.
Different variables have been created right from the introductory part. From the basis of being named at the abstract levels, the social networking sites, the online brand communities are the variables that do exist.
• Stating how the variables relate to each other
There are social networking sites related to online branding. Categorizations of the online brand communities as related variably to customer attraction and retention is also another secondary relationship that occurs in the piece of work.
• Theorizing the nature of relationships that exist based on previous research to indicate whether the relationship is positive or negative based on previous research
There has largely been a relationship between the development of social networks and the way it influences the spread of information to the different stakeholders. Based on the previous research, the writer has indicated that there is a positive relationship according to the given references between online marketing and customer loyalty.
• Clarified explanation as to why the relationship should exist
Customers, as stated in the literature, do participate in online branding and this helps them develop the knowledge of the product more than they would have done. Therefore there is a relationship clarified as to why the stated relationship should exist.
• Schematic diagram to clarify the observed continuity
This has been followed and the relationships are shown clearly where all the values identified to lead to the member’s satisfaction and eventual loyalty.
Conceptual models can be made by a collection of other approaches apart from the one used by Jesse. These are event-driven process chain, the Joint Application Development, the place/ transition Net and state transition modeling.