South Korea as the Most Sensitive Optimal Option

The country has also been found to have the lowest inflation rates meaning the stability of cost will be on high. The reliability of suppliers in the country can be interpreted to mean that the quality of products will be at an all-time high. With the best cumulative probability risk for cost labor, planning ahead for the cost of labor is possible. The probability of the cost changing is very low. All these builds on the weight measure trait of maximum cost stability. The infrastructure status of the country and the supplier reliability minimizes the cost of operation for the company. The high number of students enrolling in schools and the high number of people speaking English within the country, project an attainment of maximum geographical and demographic location.
The second-ranked country is the Czech Republic with the best G.D.P growth, regional vehicle production, currency issuer credit rating, investment cost, supplier reliability and school enrolment. All these features are traits that propel the Czech Republic to be ranked the send best option after South Korea based on the four weight traits. The locally produced vehicles enable maximum use of the geographical and demographic location. The vehicles are customized to cover the terrains of the country more suitable than imported cars. An advantage of the locally produced vehicles is that they are affordable since there is no importation fee on them.
The best decision is not perfect without any challenges. It is also surrounded by a number of challenges that make it not be an ideal situation. The Republic of South Korea is faced with a high corruption perception index, and labor cost. These were the two traits that ranked lowest compare to all the other nations. The investment cost and regional vehicle production of the country are moderate compared to the other countries.&nbsp.