South Korea Affected by Globalization

Although globalization has gained much recognition in many countries, it has also been opposed by many international countries. The major concerns of this opposition are caused by the increase of inequality and environmental degradation. Apart from these concerns, there are also concerns over causing of widespread suffering, disorder and unrest. Globalization can be remarked as a medium which becomes the main source for global movements of social justice and also a source of repression. By governing these materials we can take a glance at the features of globalization, as to how the process drives, how politics can be changed and how it changes or affects institutions like the UN. Globalization has helped improve the poverty in a large number of developing countries but still, it needs to bind to help the society’s poor community. Mainly we can say that as globalization covers all the cons and pros of the human society, and virtually every aspect we need to analyze and think, about the questions such as normative political theory. (Globalization, 1, n.d)
Recently it can be said that the economy of South Korea is one of the strongest economies of the world. It can be ranked as the thirteenth largest economy of the world because it is a highly developed trillion-dollar economy. Among the economies of Asia, the economy of South Korea can be termed as the fourth-largest economy. The growth of the economy in South Korea is faster than all the major economies of the world in the 20th century. Till many decades the growth was continued in the double-digit. South Korea turned in to a highly developed country just in 50 years and it is not less than a miracle. World Bank has termed the economy of South Korea as the High-income economy and IMF has termed it as an advanced economy. The economy of South Korea is known as the Asian Tiger in the economy of Asian countries because of its rapidly growing status. The capital of South Korea is Seoul and it is considered to be a big global city and also the major international& center in Asia.&nbsp.