“Social Networking &amp

Security: Facebook" Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Cyworld, Twitter, Orkut etc are some of the popular social networks currently operating all over the world with the help of internet. One of the major advantages of internet related communication channels is the wide reachability. No other communication media is capable of reaching the farthest corners of the earth like the internet.
According to Shih (2009), “right this moment at least 150000000 people are interacting with friends and talking about the brands on Facebook”(Shih, 2009, p.i). Data from Forrester Research (2007) showed that “about 2/3rds of all North American youths use social networks daily, and about 1/3rd of NA adults use it at least once a month” (What makes a Successful Marketing Campaign on Social Networks? 2008). The above statistics clearly underline the value and popularity of social networks in the current world. At the same time, social networks have raised many challenges also. Like many other revolutionary products or inventions, social networks are also facing security and misuse related problems.&nbsp.
Marshable (2010) has mentioned some facts about the history of Facebook, one of the most popular social networking sites, in his article Facebook – The Complete Biography. “Facebook was founded in 2004 by a former-Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg”. He has also pointed out that “Facebook and its idea spread across the college campus within months from launching and at present, it is the second largest social networking site, second only to my space as far as traffic is concerned” (Marshable, 2010).