Social Network Analysis

If facebook were a country, it would have been the third densely populated country in the world. Security, settings, live chats and other features are distinct of facebook, which means this site is trying regularly to improve whatever it can offer to users. Analysts say that facebook’s IT engineering is complex and an engineering marvel for other IT engineers because of its many features. This is also one of the reasons why it can provide accommodate millions of users at the same time (Dashevsky, 2014).
Facebook can be accessed through an Internet browser, like Chrome or firefox. This enables quick and easy browsing for the millions of users. Through social networking sites, users are encouraged to access the Internet twenty-four hours, seven days a week. As stated, facebook has millions of users, and so a graphical representation can be expressed in millions of users but can be simplified in the following diagram.
The graphical representation above means that any user can be “friend,” or can “chat,” contact or access to any other user. Facebook has many features for user-friendly interaction. User 1 can be accessed by as many as he/she can for as long as permitted by fellow users. the same with the rest of the users, for as long as the other users are “friends” who want to communicate with the other users. “Friends” means a user has requested other user/s that he/she be added as friend in their accounts. Facebook friends can chat, freely communicate, exchange photographs, documents, and videos, or know what the other side is doing. Group chat is also one of the features. Inside one’s account or panel are ads from businesses. Organizations and businesses can register, or possess accounts and consumers can interact with the organizations or businesses. Individuals and organizations can feature their profiles so they can communicate with the consumers or the organizations’ stakeholders.
The central figure in the website structure is the