Social Influence on a Person’s Behavior

Depending on the extent of the social influence, people can even change beliefs and values to resemble those of a group they seek to impress. Solomon Asch showed demonstrated the role of social influence in people’s lives. The experiment showed how other people in a group could affect another person (McLeod, 2008).
I have learned that over time, people tend to change their behaviors to conform to how other people want. For such people, it becomes a social obligation to try to fit in the group. Social influence can have various applications in our everyday lives. For example, if I want to seek a leadership role at the workplace, I would want to convince people to believe in what I believe. Socially, influencing people at the workplace may help get their votes. Such conformist tendencies are evident in all aspects of our lives including moral values, foods choice, and our political leaders. The social influence continues to change our beliefs and values in life as we interact with other people (Fournier, 2009).&nbsp.