Simply Jesus Summary by Wright

Wright states that the churches have reduced the kingdom of God to a private mission here on earth. The marking of the Easter holiday is seen to be inappropriate as the people celebrate happily despite there being a sad event that preceded the event. Wright notes that the world of Jesus, Jesus as God and his behavior are the most important things that we should look into if we want to understand Jesus.
All the key issues suggested by wright are strange for our own understanding. In Jesus’ world, the cultures are very different compared to the contemporary cultures present at our time. Wright argues that even Jesus did not know he was God! The actions made by Jesus are also too confusing, in that short period that he dwelled amongst the Jews He really acted like He was in charge (11). Through these actions, He was seen to be taking the role of God.
Wright further goes ahead to analyze “the perfect storm." When a set of given circumstances combine through the least expected chances to bring about the most unexpected conditions to mankind. Wright describes the storm in two different ways. In the first instance, he says the modern Christians have created a storm as a situation when dealing with issues regarding the life of Jesus at his time. there are very many accounts about Him. Secondly, he outlines the situation during the first century in which Jesus lived.
The basic storm that Wright talks of is made up of conservatism and scepticism of the Christians which has further gone to create an equivalent version of the modern-day Christians, Wright labels it as a “myth." He targets those adopting the modernist categories of Christianity. both the liberal and the conservative. The two groups differ in their belief about God. The conservatives believe that God always intervenes in their issues in a supernatural way. The liberals, on the other hand, say that Jesus and the kingdom of God are just an idea meant to the humans in a natural process.