Q Ans. The elements of the ideal Sikh society are very rare to be found not just in the U.S. but also in the world as a whole in the present age.According to Gauri cited in (2013), people in an ideal Sikh society get up early in the morning and meditate, they take bath before going to work and work during the day. People listen and respond to the words of the Guru by repeating them to get their problems solved. People remember God in all their activities. In addition to that, an ideal Sikh society requires people to be alter and fit mentally, physically, and spiritually.
A careful analysis of the modern lifestyle prevailing in the US and most other countries suggests that while people do work during the day, they do so solely to earn money and their concerns are limited to worldly and materialistic matters. Modern lifestyle is such that remembering God or practicing religion is becoming harder with every passing day. This is not just the case with the Sikh religion, but with most other religions in general. People’s lack of commitment to early rising can be estimated from the fact that no one gets early when it is a holiday. Even during the working days, most people do not take a bath before going to office. Rather than thinking what God wants them to do, people are more concerned about what modern culture requires them to do in every aspect of their life. This leads to the conclusion that modern societies do not exhibit the elements of an ideal Sikh society.
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