Short reflection

Essay, English Short Reflection: Earth Day Activities Humankind owes immense debt of gratitude to Mother Earth. In America, the idea of celebrating Earth Day was first mooted in the year 1970 and since then it is being celebrated on 22nd April every year. The assets of Mother Earth are precious and though the activity of regeneration goes on season after season, many types of natural resources are constantly dwindling. Some assets like water and energy are essential for the existence of humanity and it is necessary to conserve them, as otherwise it would be inviting danger to the survival of humankind.
To celebrate the event in a formal function in the school was one aspect of the event. Immediately after the function we students of the senior classes divided into groups of 5 each and visited the communities nearby for direct interaction with the members of the community. The security guard at the entrance gate of the community was very cooperative and he took permission from the Community management for our house to house contacts. We were received warmly by most of the residents and they liked our presence for the great cause. We had a printed handout for distribution and the main points covered in it were:
1. Plant a sapling on your wedding anniversary and birthday celebrations of your children. Keep a small identification tag near the sapling and the child should be encouraged to water the plant daily. This is the sure step to make the children love greenery.
2. A sticker with the following message printed in bold letters was given at each house with a request to fix it at a conspicuous place. The messages were (a) Save water and energy (b) Donate school books for the needy.
3. Love and take care of feathered friends.
We toured the community for about four hours and covered most of the houses. The underlying principle behind our efforts was to generate awareness amongst people to live in harmony and develop love for Nature.