Shading Plan for the City of Mesa

Tree shading
This type of shading can be used to the sidewalks and pedestrian corridors. Trees can be planted in order to give shade along the sidewalks. Trees like Delonix Regia and Gleditsia are a better choice because they can survive harsh climate conditions, grow fast and do not produce fruit.
Structural Shading
Green roofing is the best kind of roofing that can be used in areas such as bus stops and intersections. This kind of shading is environmentally friendly, and they ensure the conservation of the environment and tackle the loss of biodiversity.
Solar Panels Shading
This type of shading increases energy efficiency while providing shading. If this kind of shading is installed in parking lots, they will produce clean energy as well as shading the cars from direct sunlight.
In Mesa Dr, we shall have the Delonix region trees on the streets. These kinds of trees are drought resistant and grow very fast. We shall avoid trees like the tipu tree because of its strong roots that can uproot sidewalk pavement. E University Dr will adopt the solar shading as this will enable generate extra power for the surrounding areas. N center streets should be planted with Muskogee Crape Myrtle. These trees provide shade as this type does not bear fruit and grows quickly.