Sexual Harassment In The Workplace And Military

51250 Sexual harassment in the workplace is a vocal or physical activity with sexual temperament conducted in the time of recruitment or in the workplace by the manager or the employee or any person of the concerned unit that makes the person who is receiving it, uncomfortable as it is unwelcomed and causes the individual to feel offended. It is a form of sex discrimination and it violates the ‘Title VII of 1964 Civil Rights Act’ in the United States which was amended in 1972 (Equal Rights Advocates, Inc, 2012).Sexual harassment crops up in most of the professions as well as industries. Sexual harassment can be referred as ‘organizational violation’. Certain reports have shown that majority of ethnic women are at superior threat than the white women in terms of sexual harassment as they could experience dominance from the white men (Equal Rights Advocates, Inc, 2012).Sexual harassment can be of various types such as deliberate touching, sexual looks, and gestures, sexual comment, sexual signals, gaping at someone and making sexual signals among others. Sexual harassment can depressingly affect an individual as the person may lose confidence, can get angry or can get humiliated which will lead to hampering the performance of the individual (Equal Rights Advocates, Inc, 2012). Since mixing female into male-dominated situation raises the probability of sexual harassment, the experience of female soldiers relating to sexual harassment is needed to be analyzed properly.&nbsp.