41000 Some of the things that I have discovered with regard to synthesis include facts such as one of the main advantages of the aforementioned synthesis is the achievement of a neutral clarity that is guided by the connection of different perceptions whose missing pieces in a sense can be said to come together. The combination of these two accomplishments allows one to have a better understanding of their self in general. The discoveries that are learnt from each inventory allows the individual to dive deeper into their frame of thought and catch a glimpse of a part of them that may have not been visible to them at the beginning. As mentioned earlier, these inventories help an individual make a number of discoveries about their self that they can in turn use towards their benefit through proper planning and focus. These discoveries can play a large role in my life and as such have not been taken lightly but have instead been used to mold my activities to that which properly suit my interests and ambitions. The MBTI provided an opportunity to discover information about my character as well as any peculiar features that may arise. This assessment revealed that I can be described as an individual who is equipped with open thinking and intuition. I feel that these assessments are accurate to a general extent as a result of my nature to try and maintain a fair level of acceptance with other individuals no matter their different backgrounds as long as they do not infringe on mine or other people’s personal space with regard to their rights.