Self Introduction Issues

Module Self Introduction I am a balanced, analytical, and likeable person with a high affinity for adventure and exploration. Mywriting mirrors my personality, and I express most of my thoughts and emotions through writing. I am a deep writer, preferring complex and interconnected topics than straightforward concepts. At the moment, I can say I have been writing for two years. My strength as a writer is that I am quite creative (Widdows 21). This means that at any one time, I always have something to write about. My major weakness is that because I am too analytical, I tend to overcomplicate concepts, resulting in highly intricate papers even when all that is required is a narrative. In some cases, especially creative writing, I write papers that are longer than expected because I have “a lot to talk about.”
My personal philosophy on writing is that it is a medium of communication. what I cannot relay verbally I put down. I also believe that writing is part of history. Consequently, by documenting what I experience and think, I leave a historical legacy that others can be inspired by. I hate the ambiguity that sometimes creeps into writing (Widdows 26). Over the years, I have accepted that it is a part of writing that cannot be avoided, but I hate that it hinders my prolificacy. What I like about writing is the appreciation people show for the thoughts and feelings that I put out. The first quote in the book feels true for me. the rest seem to contradict my experiences with – or opinions of – writing.
Work Cited
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