Selecting a Plant Site for a Pharmaceutical Industry

The final choice of finalizing a site is purely based on an extensive survey of advantages and disadvantages of the site location and ultimately availability of the real estate. The various factors that should be considered while selecting a plant site are discussed in this section. They are as follows.
Raw materials availability is the basic need of a pharmaceutical industry. In this case, as most of the raw materials are imported, a location should be near to the port that helps in transportation of such materials and lowers the cost of transportation.
Raw Materials of a pharmaceutical industry are very delicate and stored under a high-quality control. A very delicate environment as per Standard Operating procedures should be selected that provides a temperature and humidity controlled environment for storage and transportation of these materials.
The location of the site is selected as per the demand of the industry. A location near to seaport helps in the importation of raw materials and exportation of the production material. Also, a close connection of the site to the national motorway helps in nationwide distribution of the products.
A site close to a village or area of lower income people should be preferred. In such area, manpower is easily available. An industry every now and then is in need of hardworking and pain taking people who put all their efforts in the industry.
An area that is free from environmental hazards should be selected. A pharmaceutical industry needs an environment that is free from pollution and waste of other industries. Moreover, a highly maintained disposal area as per standard operating procedures of making medicines should be there so it may not cause harm to the surrounding environment
There should be an extra area within the premises of the industry that can be utilized later if needed. An industry with high potential, the future expectations should be kept in mind. In the future, if there is a need to build a storeroom, manufacturing area or even rooms for the new staff, there should be enough space that on which building can be extended.&nbsp.&nbsp.