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attached documents for instructions" e produced negative results on businesses, and individual taxation has decreased consumer demands for products and services (Lowth, Prowle, and Zhang, 2010).
Under such conditions, excellence in organisational leadership and negotiation skills are necessary for developing business strategies that would achieve sustainable success. Currently new trends in leadership roles are emerging, where there is a distinctive move away from authoritative leadership to collaborative leadership and the current trend is to relate leadership development with organizational goals and mission.
A few years back when large companies faced the prospect of losing their stronghold within the arena of domestic markets, they simply searched for fast developing economies in order to make higher profits. Currently, owing to widespread economic globalisation and the looming financial downturn, there is a significant slowdown in economic growth, rise in stiff competition, increase in operational and management complexities and a significant shortage of skilled/specialised workers within key markets, which is turning into a major challenge for various business organisations. Many of the experts have predicted a fresh economic downturn by the end of 2012 primarily initiated by debt defaults in Eurozone (Ernst &amp. Young, 2011). Furthermore, there are predictions that in the next 5 years the rapid economic growth of China would suffer a major setback, while some expect India and Brazil to face similar economic slowdown at the same time. Increased globalisation in finances and trade has led to increased integration, which in turn has acerbated specific economic conditions globally, creating greater challenges for business firms.
Achieving success in developing economies is not as easy as before and making profits from fast growing markets is increasingly turning more difficult as costs are increasing, there is greater competition, and even the fast developing economies are now slowing down owing to