Satisfying Experience in Community Service

Residents (people living at the shelter) and Non-Residents (volunteers) are indistinguishable by appearance. There are no labels, no stigmas, and no stereotypes. BOMF develops a community that embraces equality, respect, discipline, teamwork, and leadership. In the process, I have learned to respect people’s boundaries, values, and individuality.
In June 2010, I raised $400 dollars for BOMF and ran my first organized race as part of the BOMF team. BOMF members were engaged in encouraging each other and cheering along the sidelines. This showed a tremendous sense of community, support, and trust among all BOMF members, and I aim to convey this same feeling to my future colleagues and patients.
Experience and expectation vary from person to person. Knowledge of this fact has helped me to succeed with BOMF. This experience will help me in my future life as a physician.