Sarna Conference about the Role of Jews in the US Civil War

Sarna conference review The nation being the&nbsp.midst&nbsp.making sesquicentennial of the American war. The conflict&nbsp.which the president, Abraham Lincoln described in Gettysburg. testing whether the&nbsp.nation&nbsp.can long endure, thanks to the military skills of general Ulysses S. the&nbsp.nation&nbsp.survived the bloody conflict that pitted against brothers. When the&nbsp.beloved&nbsp.and the late Isadore E. were growing up in St Louis, he renamed it on the Veterans Day (Sandra, 29)
The half street veterans would&nbsp.clad& blue for the union army and the half gray for&nbsp.confederacy. Excellent sources about Jews participation&nbsp.are described&nbsp.fully in the movie, their soldiers in gray and& directed& Jonathan Gruber.&nbsp.From the film, 10,000 Jews fought in the war, 3000 from the confederacy and 7000 from the union army. Americans Jews&nbsp.were not surprised&nbsp.that they participated in the Lincolns army.
American Jews&nbsp.were&nbsp.naturally&nbsp.opposed& slavery, at the same time they&nbsp.were not shocked&nbsp.that the Jewish soldiers who put gray&nbsp.uniform&nbsp.of the confederacy. The Jews played a crucial role in the confederacy, who is secretary of war and&nbsp.state&nbsp.was none other than Judah.&nbsp.P. Benjamin a respected attorney (Sandra, 134)
According to Zion in the valley, St Louis strongly backed the north. Those who served the union army, later become&nbsp.prominent&nbsp.lawyers. Meyer Fuld who was one of the founders of the temple of Israel and an active member of B’nai B’rith and Isaac Baer, who remained being active and a respected member.
Proskauer was a&nbsp.broad&nbsp.member of the Israel&nbsp.temple&nbsp.and also backed the creation of the Jewish hospital of St Louis. American Jews including those in St Louis served in the American civil war. Some wore gray and& some paid with their lives by&nbsp.lustful&nbsp.measure&nbsp.of dedication.
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