Roman Catholic Permanent Diaconate

Deacons have the responsibility of calling everybody in the church to work as a servant of God. Their prophetic leadership is meant to ensure that the people of God are able to see beyond the time that they are living at present. All persons aspiring to become deacons should have servant leadership qualities. These are normally reflected in their lives and their work in the ministry.
According to John (2008), “Strengthened& sacramental grace, in communion with the bishop and his group of priests, deacons serve the people of God in the ministry of Charity (Love and Justice), the Word, and the Liturgy”. To understand a deacon’s ministry requires a broad view of different players in the deacon ministry. These include. God, the priest, the bishop and the people of God. In the church, the deacon works under the bishop together with a priest who supervises him. Though working under these higher authorities, the deacon has another role to play in helping all people, especially the underprivileged, the weak, the unwell, and those without friends in the world. They are therefore having a role to provide the desired company to God’s children on earth. Moreover, they assist in explaining to the church community, the desires and aspirations of the world at large. Knowledge is power and this is a way of enhancing the survival of the church since a society deprived of knowledge can never excel.
The relationship of the deacon to the bishop is apparently one of obedience to the authority. Wal-Mart (2008) further states that “The diaconal ministries, although categorized by the ministry, are not to be separated. the deacon is ordained for them all, and no one should be ordained who is not prepared to undertake each in some way”. The deacon is ordained by the bishop who organizes for the continuing education of the deacon. The bishop assigns the deacon to work in a parish under the supervision of a parish priest.&nbsp.